We have a unique approach in our business model which shapes every facet of our work with you. We see our role as that of a member of your leadership team, comparable to that of a CTO. Our skills are within the business development & software development realm; but fundamentally we are not offering our skills, we are offering solutions. To crystalize that thought from an abstraction into something more concrete:

Perfection is Achieved Not When There Is Nothing More to Add, But When There Is Nothing Left to Take Away.

Antoine de Saint-ExuperySource Title

Where software development is concerned, we prefer the buy-over-build methodology. If off the shelf software exists which does similar work, we would suggest it’s use along with an integration to your central software. This would translate into better results for the end user sooner and at a lower cost.

Where business development is concerned, we manage our own scope, risk & ROI assessment for each project. In addition to establishing the methodology, timeline & resources; our aim is to help validate each project from the onset. While the final decision is always yours, we feel it is important to share our perspective & elaborate a baseline.