About Us

We have a combination of skills that come from years of working on assorted large projects. In addition to a strong background in coding, we have an equally keen business acumen.

This significantly changes our perspective in the ways that we chose to operate and the kinds of clients that we =operate along side. Simply put; we know who to work alongside & how. Not only a team of coders who are blindly addressing issues, but business people who understand the value (or lack thereof) in solving them.

This perspective creates for win-win scenarios where each party understands the strategy and we become finely attuned at being something more than developers. We are problem solvers.

Our History

HLX Studios is a software development house launched in NYC, early in 2015. Our focus is on business intelligence solutions for eCommerce.

Our Vission

We believe that every growing company needs strategic partners. We don’t just want your business, our goal is to be the technical arm of your company. A trusted source for end-to-end solutions and innovation.