List of eCommerce OMS

Enclosed is a substantial list of the OMS software which focus on retail eCommerce.  I’ve labeled the ones with which I have experience and still suggest them.  I’ve also labeled those which were vetted as a process of onboarding.  These didn’t meet the client’s needs but were still valuable tools with potential.

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API AccessThe ability to programmatically access the software from a remote server or software
Internal AppThe ability to build custom apps which function on top of the software without needing to externally connect to it is possible available
Internal AutomationThe ability to automate tasks within the software is possible without developing custom software on some level or for some features.
File ExchangeThe ability to export & import flat files (feeds) is a native functionality of the software.
Database accessThe ability to directly connect to the database (or parts of it) for custom reports is possible.
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