HLX Studios is a software development house launched in NYC, early in 2015.  Our focus is on business intelligence solutions for eCommerce.  We have a combination of skills that come from years of working on assorted large projects.  In addition to a strong background in coding, we have an equally keen business acumen.  This significantly changes our perspective in the ways that we chose to operate and the kinds of clients that we operate along side.  Simply put; we know who to work alongside & how.  Not only a team of coders who are blindly addressing issues, but business people who understand the value (or lack thereof) in solving them.  This perspective creates for win-win scenarios where each party understands the strategy and we become finely attuned at being something more than developers.  We are problem solvers.

Business Development
A cornerstone of any business is its ability to grow beyond itself. Paradoxically, a business that does not grow may collapse. Adding to the complexity; the weight of a growing business is sufficient to crush the legs on which it stands. Yet sure enough, growth is possible for any business.  The key difference is in a business’ capacity to adapt. 

Software Development
In addition to developing our own SaaS projects, we are available for freelance work. This includes building entire software from the ground up, collaborating with your staff, or upgrading your existing projects.   The vast majority of our experience is within the eCommerce field, but the underlying technologies used for data interchange remain the same.  Most of our Skills are object orientated & database driven.  Here are some of our favorite technologies to work with.

Company Philosophy
We have a unique approach in our business model which shapes every facet of our work with you.  We see our role as that of a member of your leadership team, comparable to that of a CTO.  Our skills are within the business development & software development realm; but fundamentally we are not offering our skills, we are offering solutions.  To crystalize that thought from an abstraction into something more concrete, click the link.

Company Philosophy
We are a long time proponent of free/open source software (F/OSS). The open source community has been an invaluable ally in every facet of our growth & development. Any and all of our victories and progress are celebrated by acknowledging the tremendous community which have made all of this possible. While others keep their stack as a company secret, we share it with pride & gratitude.

We have built custom software for retail companies for years. The custom software allows each party to automate & leverage their private business practices. Given the sensitive nature of the solutions, they cannot be shared. Instead we proudly display the line of software that we have developed over the years. Each tool allows provides leverage to the seller to run a better, more streamlined business.