Premiere OMS

An OMS (omni management system) is used as a central point of access for multiple retail platforms like eBay, Amazon, Newegg, etc. There are many excellent OMS’ which each offer their unique value add to match their demographic’s needs & business model.  We have worked extensively with the following software to enhance & streamline processes.  As a result, they are our top suggestions for growing eCommerce companies. They are strongly suggested options for companies in the $10MM – $50MM.  Companies in lower revenue brackets with higher margins may equally benefit from these options.

* For a more complete list of OMS options, see our List of Ecommerce OMS page:

SellercloudSellercloud is a multi-channel inventory management software company based out of Lakewood, NJ.  In addition to many of the boilerplate features you would expect to find, Sellercloud is also loaded with niceties which become indispensable once you have them in place.  It’s built  as a multi-channel, multi-company, multi-account per channel solution which creates dynamic opportunities.

ZentailZentail’s approach to eCommerce generally reminds me of Apple.  They research all available options & consider your suggestions.  When building their software, they pick best practices and make well thought out decisions on your behalf.  They then present you with software which is stylish, consistent in appearance, consistent in functionality.  Additionally, their Smart Type system allows you to leverage their internal taxonomy to list across all of their supported marketplaces with ease.  

HLX Studios is a Certified Zentail Partner

BläckfiskBläckfisk is the only software on this list to go from entirely obscure to me, to the top of the list in under 24 hours. Their unique approach to what it means to be an inventory management software fills a need that others miss. They aim to partner with a very select group of merchants who have an aligned vision for success & to help in more ways than the customer even expects to be helped. Whether that includes analyzing big data to identify trends that the user doesn't even know exists or by automating a process that should never have been manual.

LinnworksLinnworks is a feature rich OMS which has grown steadily over more than a decade.  They are an Estonia based company with a strong presence in the EU.  In addition to having access and direct integrations with channels that are not commonly offered by most other OMS’ they leverage a decade of experience in technical & customer support with a massive team.  Additionally they have an open API, automation logic for orders/processes & an in-console report editor for very powerful & quickly deployable reports.

OdooOdoo is a full fledged ERP with a general ledger & processes that follow International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).  It is in itself a powerful accounting solution, which drives business intelligence to be used in everything from the CRM to their built-in web portal.  Most importantly in the package, Odoo has the most powerful manufacturing options (by far) of any OMS/ERP within our purview.  In addition to their open API, they also offer in dash automation using pure Python to create the most robust options possible.

Cin7Cin7 is a prime example of an affordable, off the shelf software which meets top service providers in their arena.  Cin7 boasts the most native EDI integrations from all of the compared OMS’.  If you’re looking to integrate with top retail brands like Macy’s, Zales, Groupon & more, this OMS has it covered.  Their accounting integration to Xero is also above average. They also do integrate with the leading retail eCommerce channels for all of the expected features & results.

SKUVaultSKUVault’s approach to inventory management is a little different in that they focus on core competencies and partner with other companies to meet the difference.  Not only do they build apps on other OMS’ marketplaces but they are often have bare metal integrations.  This is often the best approach if you have an ERP with full accounting functionality & prefer to keep retail management, content management, warehouse management or any number of other features isolated & separate.

CommerceHubCommerceHub is a leading company in premiere, white glove data interchange for eCommerce.  Many major brands trust their business to CommerceHub for their data standardization, predictability & general consistency in functionality.  In the world of data interchange, these are the traits of a rock star.  The trade off is of course that to be as stable as CommerceHub is, they cannot simultaneously be on the bleeding edge.  They also don’t aim to be everything to everyone.  So it is almost exclusively used paired with other software.

eTail SolutionseTailSolutions has an extremely narrowly defined niche which they work diligently to maintain.  While most OMS see themselves as partnered with their clients for mutually beneficial success, EVP goes farther than most.  In addition to their suite of tools which can scale infinitely, they offer value added services that extend beyond software.  Everything from leveraging marketplace relationships to collaborating with their in house analysts is an option available to their users.