In addition to developing our own SaaS projects, we are available for freelance work. This includes building entire software from the ground up, collaborating with your staff, or upgrading your existing projects.   The vast majority of our experience is within the eCommerce field, but the underlying technologies used for data interchange remain the same.  Most of our Skills are object orientated & database driven.  Here are some of our favorite technologies to work with.

Software innovation, like almost every other kind of innovation, requires the ability to collaborate and share ideas with other people, and to sit down and talk with customers and get their feedback and understand their needs.- Bill Gates

Operating Systems:

Operating System
At the heart of every machine is its operating system. Our staff is proficient in every major, server operating system. If your team already has a systems administrator in place, we can collaborate with you to implement our software while maintaining the needs of your private ecosystem. In cases where new environments need to be implemented, we are able to singlehandedly implement them. Where necessary we can also synchronize the new system with any existing infrastructure.


A database is at the cornerstone of nearly every software that we develop. At a fundamental level, it is the repository for every bit of information that passes through in to or out of your software.  Through creative structuring, it becomes a well organized, relational component that adds a new layer of business intelligence.  In addition to working with relational databases, we can & do work with NoSQL for big data projects that scale beyond the means of your typical RDBMS.


The driving force of every application is the language in which it was written.  Each language has its own edge & provides different options.  We are well versed in many of the common programming languages and can upgrade or create server side or client side software according to your specifications.  When implementing new software or structures, we prefer to use open source languages which are dynamic and ever changing.  This scenario allows us to have a fast turnaround time while keeping costs low. 

Peripheral Technologies:

Peripheral Technologies
The process of developing and upgrading software requires a completely different set of tools and peripheral technologies.  These tools allow us to organize, test, deploy and redundantly store our software.  When collaborating with your team, sharing oversight onto our work or simply operating our day to day activities in an organized fashion, these tools become essential.  This includes virtualization technology, dockers, version control software, web frameworks and the gamut of related peripherals.

eCommerce Resources:

eCommerce Resources
Due to the fact that our years of experience are based primarily in the eCommerce field, we have amassed a wealth of information about the current marketplace technologies.  We employ the buy-over-build methodology, therefore if a competitor has already built a working product, we believe that it is a better business practice implement their product.  Beyond that we are exclusively focused on the integration to your current infrastructure. To read more about this, please see the business development section.